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Medical corporation furate society
13-27, Sanjimatsuomachi, Yahatahigashi-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka
TEL. 093-653-2122
FAX. 093-653-2666

Of the phone number to hang it wrong
Please be careful.

Medical care, nursing facility
Medical corporation furate society
Social welfare corporation furate welfare society
Non profit organization
  Purpose of life creation private supplementary school
Ken international


What is a day service?

I take you to and from the home and am service to provide bathing, a meal, an activity activity, function training in the daytime. Not only, by the day service, plan care of the everyday life, the cancellation of the sense of separateness, the maintenance improvement of the mind and body function, but also of the family is physical. It is intended to reduce a mental burden. The human function to have continues decreasing if not used. I support it to be able to live life that it was the home which lived so long as long as possible. (the one where ※ target one was care insurance, and certification for long-term care (support - need of nursing care 5) required was received)


Need of nursing care degree Service charge

(in the case of self-pay ratio 10%)
Service charge

(in the case of self-pay ratio 20%)
Support 1 required 1,769 yen (per month) 3,537 yen (per month)
Support 2 required 3,626 yen (per month) 7,252 yen (per month)
Need of nursing care 1 705 yen (per once) 1,410 yen (per once)
Need of nursing care 2 833 yen (per once) 1,665 yen (per once)
Need of nursing care 3 965 yen (per once) 1,929 yen (per once)
Need of nursing care 4 1,097 yen (per once) 2,193 yen (per once)
Need of nursing care 5 1,228 yen (per once) 2,456 yen (per once)

  ※ As for the income above a certain level, a self-pay ratio of service charge becomes 20% (H27.8.1 ...)
  ※ It takes meal charges, snacks charges 710 yen separately (revision R1.10.1 ...)
  ※ It may cost the addition, an activity material cost

   For more details, please contact the staff

Please feel free to contact us

◆ApplicationI accept it at any time
◆Experience-based expenseFree of charge
◆Pickup and drop-offExistence (please talk about the range)
23-16, Matsuomachi, Yahatahigashi-ku, Kitakyushu-shi
093-653-0077 (charge: to Abe, Shirahama)
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