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Medical corporation furate society
13-27, Sanjimatsuomachi, Yahatahigashi-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka
TEL. 093-653-2122
FAX. 093-653-2666

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Medical care, nursing facility
Medical corporation furate society
Social welfare corporation furate welfare society
Non profit organization
  Purpose of life creation private supplementary school
Ken international


Day service furate (tsushokaimamori)

It is service to have you receive care or function training in the offer or other everyday life of bathing and the meal in a day in order to support day service furatedeha, the everyday life that became independent at the home.
In our office, I advocate physical training by the effective care prevention and function training in important point target and perform in particular various support.
In addition, I adopt the making of purpose of life by the various life will activated activity (activity activity) positively.
<office summary>
◆The use capacity: 25 people
◆A business day: From Monday to Saturday 8:00-17:00
◆Service offer time: 9:00-16:00
◆Fee :10% burden (a burden changes by need of nursing care, the support situation required.) of the care insurance fee
       The uninsured self-burden becomes the actual expenses. (food expenses 650 yen/day, teaching materials costs 100 yen/day)
◆A one-day flow: Meeting → Vital check → Exercises/rehabilitation → Bathing → Life will activated activity
       (activity activity) → Lunch → Life will activated activity (activity activity)
       →Teatime → Forwarding

Day service furateno characteristic

It is authority of place facilities of the small scale.
For a small number of people, you can spend it relaxedly leisurely.
Such a cozy atmosphere may turn in the person whom it is difficult for a great number of people to deal with and one weak in good terms.
As it becomes the staff constitution of shosuuseietsu, which "there is too much staff and cannot learn it" can evade, "I tell whom, and it is not revealed whether it is good".
You can spend time without hesitation among a familiar group and the reliable staff every day.
In addition, I can receive the rehabilitation by the full-time therapist.
As there is the substantial function training room (Showacho rehabilitation center) of the rehabilitation apparatus in the at-home support center, I perform the acceptance of user that I receive only rehabilitation in the morning and am come home.
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