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Medical corporation furate society
13-27, Sanjimatsuomachi, Yahatahigashi-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka
TEL. 093-653-2122
FAX. 093-653-2666

Of the phone number to hang it wrong
Please be careful.

Medical care, nursing facility
Medical corporation furate society
Social welfare corporation furate welfare society
Non profit organization
  Purpose of life creation private supplementary school
Ken international


House Maine image of the forest

Idea of the house of the forest

Be wrapped up in warm sunlight

Trees show a bud in the forest, and a small bird sings

Life of one a certain unit-related one assists it

I live happily.

Idea of the house of the forest

In the foot of the forest

There is "the house of the forest"

Idea of the house of the forest

With the warm staff

A certain unit-related each person's power into a serious matter

Life filled with joy and confidence…

Each other recognizes it and assists it together

Living to need the family…

Idea of the house of the forest

I take good care of each one and live a life with the dignity…

We are fun slowly; the joy of being alive

I aim at the house of the forest which I can realize

Group home summary

◆With the group home
In homey atmosphere, it is the house where several dementia old men live under combination with the staff.
At the pace that fitted the one happily slowly while self-care, housework, a hobby activity ran life,
I support it to show ability left the individual for enough to live in peace again.

◆The person whom service is available to
・One (support 1 required is excluded), dementia elderly person of slight ... moderate degree that certification for long-term care was received
・The which the life that became independent to some extent can send the one that is available for cohabitation by a small number of people

◆Service contents
・Life support…I live a life located within the one for 24 hours and support it.
・Medical management…In addition to everyday health care, I perform the quick correspondence with the cooperation medical institution after consultation with a family in emergency.
・Life consultation…I accept consultation, the complaint from a family.
・Activity activity…I support it to continue an event and a bus motorcycle, the hobby activity that, besides, matched the pace of the individual of the gardening in a season.

◆Cooperation medical institution
・Yawata memory hospital / Saiseikai Hospital / Yawata public welfare hospital / Shiroishi dentistry
・Oshima dentistry / Nishino Hospital / care health center for the elderly

        ※As for the income above a certain level, a care insurance self-pay ratio becomes 20%. (the August, 2015 enforcement)
  Support 2 required Need of nursing care 1 Need of nursing care 2 Need of nursing care 3 Need of nursing care 4 Need of nursing care 5
Rent (Japanese yen) 50,000
The food expenses (Japanese yen)
Fee for common service water supply energy bills 22,000
Care insurance self-pay (10%) 26,507 28,001 29,217 30,049 30,606 31,162
In total (Japanese yen) 148,007 149,501 150,717 151,549 152,106 152,662
Care insurance self-pay (20%) 53,014 56,001 58,433 60,098 61,211 62,323
In total (Japanese yen) 174,514 177,501 179,933 181,598 182,711 183,823
Care insurance self-pay (30%)  79,521  84,002  87,649  90,147  91,817  93,484
In total (Japanese yen) 201,021 205,502 209,149 211,647 213,317 214,984

  ※ About the money of care insurance self-pay, it is an approximate amount of money that I calculated in 30 days.
  ※ I take 300,000 yen as an entering lump sum.
  ※ The expense necessary for user becomes the actual expenses burden in the everyday life such as law of nature beauty, a diaper, pocket money.

◆Contact information
Social welfare corporation furate welfare society [TEL] 093-653-1711
House [FAX] 093-653-3450 of the group home forest

※I heard a visit, an inquiry at any time

Each room summary

<living room>
●It becomes the private room in all rooms.

●I am fully equipped with a restroom, washing face, a closet, a desk, air-conditioning, nurse call, a telephone wire, a TV antenna line in all rooms.
<living room>
●A washing room, bathroom become shared.

●There is a field for exclusive use of the group home and can bring up vegetables and a flower. In addition, there is a promenade and can take a walk.
●I peel vegetables and cut it and serve it and….
I set up a sink to three to be able to cook a meal together.

●Smell to be able to cook of miso soup and the rice…. Sound to chop vegetables….
It will be felt that I have together together more deliciously.
<Japanese-style room>
●Gentle sunlight comes in through a window and can look around a forest and a garden and a field.

●I enjoy a conversation slowly and am "the relaxing room" which looks at the outside, and is done.
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